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  • Greenhouse planting increases farmers’ income


    In recent years, Lushunkou in Dalian, Northeast China’s Liaoning province, has been promoting the supply-side structural reform in agriculture, with the aim of creating more profits for farmers.

  • Improved environment attracts more birds to Lushunkou


    More birds spend winters in Lushunkou this year, as the environment gets significantly improved, according to Wang Xiaoping, a bird expert at Liaoning Snake Island Laotie Mountain National Nature Reserve.

  • Power distribution of Sinopec's catalyst project completed


    With a total investment of 31.9 million yuan ($5.06 million), 10 Kilovolt cable with a total length of 3,232 meters and a 10KV switching station were established in Lushunkou city, Dalian, Liaoning province, to ensure the smooth operation of the catalyst project.

  • Lushunkou Shipyard makes it onto industrial heritage list


    ​The Lushunkou Shipyard has made it onto China's Industrial Heritage List for Conservation, becoming one of the first 100 locations to be awarded with the honor, according to a recent announcement at a meeting co-held by the China Association for Science and Technology and the China Association of City Planning.

  • Lushunkou World Peace Park embraces visitors after renovation


    World Peace Park in Lushunkou, the only peace-themed seaside park in China, was built in 2002, and has recently recovered its beauty after years of environmental and infrastructure improvements.

  • Lushunkou to introduce projects


    In 2018, Lushunkou will take the opportunity of revitalizing the old industrial base in northeast China, adhere to the idea of marketing Shanghai and developing new ways of thinking, promote investment attractions and introduce key projects.

  • 2018 Lushunkou Strawberry Festival opens


    ​On Jan 19 the 2018 Lushunkou Strawberry Festival opened in Yangguangqing Orchard in Lushunkou, situated on the southern tip of the Liaodong peninsula in Dalian city.

  • Lushunkou promotes green economic zone development


    With the spirit of deepening reform of its talent development system, Lushunkou will introduce high-level talents, strengthen service guarantees, and integrate the resources of colleges and universities to promote the development of a green economic zone.

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