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  • Lushunkou welcomes pear harvest


    August is harvest season for Lushunkou pear. Despite the severe drought this year, fruit farmers have tried their best to meet the water and fertilizer needs of pear trees.

  • 14 birds of prey in Lushunkou return to the wild


    A total of 14 second-class nationally protected birds of prey were returned to the wild by volunteers from the Lushunkou wild bird rescue station and the Dalian animal and plant protection association at the 203 Scenic Area in Lushunkou, Dalian, northeastern China's Liaoning province, on Aug 4.

  • Lushun awards winners of cherry blossom photo contest


    An award ceremony for the 2019 cherry blossom photography competition was held in Lushunkou, Dalian, a city in northeastern China's Liaoning province, on Aug 3.

  • Lushunkou mayor inspects, advises rural economy


    A group of local officials led by Leng Xuefeng, mayor of Lushunkou, inspected the development situation of the kelp processing industry and rural tourism in Lushunkou, Dalian, northeastern China's Liaoning province, on July 23.

  • Lushunkou spots picked for their flower extravaganzas


    Three lush spots in Lushunkou, Dalian, Northeast China's Liaoning province, were selected as having the "Top 10 Most Beautiful Seas of Flowers in Dalian" on July 7, according to local authorities.

  • Government services beefed up at Lushun development zone


    According to local media reports, the government of Lushun Economic Development Zone at Lushunkou in Dalian, in Northeast China's Liaoning province, set up a special area for providing newly-founded companies with "one-stop" high-quality and effective services to improve its overall business environment.

  • Lushun Xiaonan village selected as key rural tourism village


    Xiaonan village in Lushunkou, Dalian, in northeastern Liaoning province, was included in the list of key rural tourist villages in China, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in a statement released on July 12.

  • Health technology industry forum held in Lushunkou


    A forum on the health technology industry was held at Xinchuang health technology town in Lushunkou, Dalian, a city in northeastern Liaoning province, on June 15.

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