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  • All-apple feast in Dalian


    Pan Zhijun, a Chinese cooking master from Qianpinyugang innovates dishes by steaming, boiling, frying apples in NE China's Dalian.

  • Lushunkou Museum celebrates 100th anniversary


    ​Lushunkou Museum opened its doors to the public 100 years ago and recently mounted an exhibition to celebrate its 100th anniversary, honoring the past and looking ahead to the future.

  • In Dalian, all eyes are on the sky


    Just before John Donegan-Cross left his native Edinburgh to move to China this fall, his grandmother handed him a guidebook - not about the country, but about its birds.

  • Lushunkou Apple Festival kicks off


    ​On Oct 31, the 2017 Lunshunkou Apple Festival opened in Lushunkou, on the southern tip of Liaodong peninsula in Dalian city, Northeast China.

  • 3rd China Dalian (Lushunkou) International Bird-Watching Competition opens


    ​The 3rd China Dalian (Lushunkou) International Bird Watching Competition kicked off on Oct 20 in Lushunkou, Dalian city.

  • Housing sales up in Lushunkou


    On Oct 16 the curtain dropped on the Lushunkou branch of the 2017 Dalian Housing Fair in Lushunkou Shida Square, with 203 million yuan ($30.68 million) in trade having been cemented, a 89.72 percent growth from the same period last year.

  • 3rd Lushun Taiyanggou Colored Leaves Festival opens


    The 3rd Lushunkou Taiyanggou Colored Leaves Festival opened on Sept 29, in Lushunkou, Dalian city in Northeast China's Liaoning province, and will run for a month.

  • Lushunkou sets 50,000 yuan prize for design ideas


    ​Dalian Lushunkou Tourism Group is attracting design ideas for the hearth of a 10.66-meter-diameter pot with a 50,000 yuan ($7489.51) award.

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