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  • Lushunkou smart travel services platform begins operations


    The launch ceremony for a smart integrated travel services platform was held on Oct 30 at the Cherry Park in 203 Scenic Area in Lushunkou, Dalian, in northeastern Liaoning province.

  • Lushunkou aims to improve regulating of fishing, environment


    The district of Lushunkou in the major port city of Dalian, has issued a scientific-based plan for the fishing sector -- to support better environmental conditions in China's Bohai Sea, according to local officials.

  • Road show competition for entrepreneurship projects starts


    A road show competition for entrepreneurship projects kicked off recently at Tongchuang town in Lushun development zone in Lushunkou, Dalian, northeastern China's Liaoning province, according to local officials.

  • Ex-Tsarist commander’s home put on protection list


    The former official residence of the Ex-Tsarist Russia army deputy commander in Lushunkou in Dalian, in northeastern China's Liaoning province, was included in the eighth batch of national cultural relics for protection, according to local officials.

  • Lushunkou health-tech town welcomes first corporate tenant


    The signing ceremony for the first company -- Beijing Redflag Software Co Ltd, one of the core enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence and big data in China -- to move to the Xinchuang international health technology town took place on Oct 19.

  • Moves made to boost strong development of private education


    Government departments in the Lushunkou of the city of Dalian recently implemented a series of specific measures -- to further promote the sustainable and healthy development of private education, according to local officials.

  • 100 international students experience Lushunkou culture


    A total of 100 students from abroad recently enjoyed experiencing the delights of Lunshunkou's varied culture, according to local officials.

  • Young CAS boffins back Lushunkou’s further development


    A signing ceremony for industry-university-research cooperation projects between the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Lushunkou in Dalian in Northeast China's Liaoning province, took place on Oct 19, officials announced.

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