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Works by Lushunkou artists exhibited in Dalian Art Gallary

Updated: 2019-11-05


Oil paintings glow softly under spotlights at an exhibition held at Dalian Art Gallery in Dalian, in northeastern Liaoning province. [Photo/WeChat account of Lushunkou Release]

The launch ceremony for an exhibition of oil paintings created by a group of artists from Lushunkou was held at Dalian Art Gallery in Dalian, in northeastern Liaoning province on Oct 31.

The organizers said that with its theme of "Time Travel", the exhibition is exhibiting 60 oil paintings by the Lushunkou artists group.

The inspiration and subjects of the works was drawn from the humanities, history and the natural scenery of Lushunkou.

The organizers said the unique artistic perspective and expressive techniques behind the paintings gave them a high artistic level and strong artistic appeal.

Critics said the exhibition in Dalian -- staged during the peak exhibition period -- fully reflects the affirmation of the Lushunkou art group by Dalian art circles.

It is also the first time for Dalian Art Gallery to exhibit the collected works of an art group.

This exhibition is expected to attract wide attention in Dalian's art circles and will run to Nov 17.

According to local media reports, the artists group consists of six Lushunkou artists, who during weekdays are busy supporting themselves and their families with their regular livelihoods.

After work, they gather to research art, exchange ideas, draw and engage in painting, to express themselves.