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Lushunkou welcomes pear harvest

Updated: 2019-08-15


Lushunkou in Dalian, northeastern China's Liaoning province, welcomes a bumper pear harvest in August. [Photo/WeChat account of Lushunkou realease]

August is harvest season for Lushunkou pear. Despite the severe drought this year, fruit farmers have tried their best to meet the water and fertilizer needs of pear trees. Most pear orchards enjoyed a bumper harvest in the main pear producing areas of Lushunkou, Dalian, Northeast China's Liaoning province.

According to statistics from local authorities, the existing pear planting area in Lushunkou covers 20 hectares, with a total output of about 7,500 tons. If the average yield is calculated at 3.6 yuan ($51 cents) per kilogram, the pear farmers could earn more than 260 million yuan.


A photo captures baskets of freshly picked pears in Lushunkou. [Photo/WeChat account of Lushunkou realease]