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Cherry festival to commence in Lushunkou

By Hu Xiaoyu (chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2018-05-25


The first batch of Dalian cherries will be ripe in Lushunkou district on May 27. [Photo/nen.com.cn]

The 2018 Dalian Cherry Festival will commence in Lushunkou district on June 1, as the harvest starts at the end of May.

Cherries in Lushunkou will ripe earlier than those in other areas of Dalian, due to its climatic advantages. The harvest will last until the middle of July.

According to local growers, the first batch of cherries will be ripe on May 27, around the same time as last year. The output has not been influenced by the low temperature in April, thus there is no need to worry that this year’s price will float.

Dalian has four main cherry planting areas in Jinpu New Area, Lushunkou district, Pulandian district and Wanfangdian county. The total planting area reaches 18,756 hectares with an output of 168,800 tons, accounting for 21.1 percent of the total output nationwide.

Dalian cherries have gained national geographic indication protection and are included in the list of China's top 100 most valuable brands of agricultural products.