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Lushunkou Shipyard makes it onto industrial heritage list

Updated: 2018-02-12

The Lushunkou Shipyard has made it onto China's Industrial Heritage List for Conservation, becoming one of the first 100 locations to be awarded with the honor, according to a recent announcement at a meeting co-held by the China Association for Science and Technology and the China Association of City Planning.

The list also includes government-run companies set up during the Westernization Movement (1861-1895) and part of the 156 projects supported by the Former Soviet Union after the People's Republic of China was founded, including projects in the industries of shipbuilding, military projects and railway building.

As one of China's earliest significant shipyards and as the first in North China in modern times, the Lushunkou Shipyard was designed and collaboratively built by the Chinese, German and French. It saw Northeast China's first domestic telegraph line and China's first international telegraph line.

It was also the construction site for China's first ever tap water pipe and saw the rise of the first industrial workers in Northeast China, propelling the foundation and development of the city of Dalian forward.

Additionally, the Shipyard has also witnessed the history of when the city of Lushunkou suffered from the invasion and occupation of Russia and Japan.