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3rd Lushun Taiyanggou Colored Leaves Festival opens

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2017-09-30

The 3rd Lushunkou Taiyanggou Colored Leaves Festival opened on Sept 29, in Lushunkou, Dalian city in Northeast China's Liaoning province, and will run for a month.

Panoramic view of Taiyanggou Scenery Spot in Tencent Street View was also launched on the opening day, which will offer a 720 angle all-round experience for the visitors.

More than twenty events will be held during the festival. Stills of well-known TV dramas shot at Tiayanggou such as Guandong Adeventure, Auntie Duohe and The Message will be exhibited at the opening ceremony as well.

Lushunkou's Taiyangou, reputably known as Dalian's "backyard garden", is famous for its autumn leaves.

Areas of red maples and yellow ginkgoes bring radiance and beauty to the surrounding classical architecture. Every year, large groups of artists and visitors are drawn to Taiyanggou to witness the gorgeous scenery and capture the seasonal beauty with their cameras or paintbrushes. 


The 3rd Lushunkou Taiyanggou Colored Leaves Festival opens on Sept 29 in Lushunkou, Dalian city. [Photo by Li Shuai]