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Boundary between Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2017-01-06


The boundary between the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea is located at Laotie Mountain, which is the southernmost point of Liaodong Peninsula. People call this place the "edge of sky and the corner of ocean in Liaoning". 

On Laotie Mountain Cape, where an 86.7-meter high strip extends into the sea on the southwest side of Laotie Mountain, there is a navigation lighthouse. The 14.2 m high cylindrical lighthouse was built by the British in 1892 by invitation of the Qing government customs office. Today, it is still the brightest navigation lighthouse with the longest visibility distance. It is certified by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities as one of the Top 100 Navigation Lighthouses in the world. When you stand on the Laotie Mountain Lighthouse, as you look southward you'll see the Yellow Sea on the left and the Bohai Sea on the right.

The Yellow Sea is dark blue while the Bohai Sea is turbid and yellowish. This is a natural phenomenon due to their location in relation to a submarine trench. Standing here, you can confirm the saying that the “Yellow Sea is not yellow, and the Bohai Sea is not blue”. 

The Laotie Mountain is 465.6 meters above sea level. The fort barbette site of the Russian-Japanese War is on the main peak of the mountain. The Laotie Mountain is a world renowned "bird resting place". In the spring and autumn every year, hundreds of thousands of migratory birds of more than 200 varieties come here. In the Bird Forest inside the scenic area, there are more than 20 types of birds including peacocks and pheasants. 

At the Chenjia entrance to Laotie Mountain there is the Laotie Mountain Bizarre Slope, which is 70 meters long and angled at 12°. The bizarreness of the Laotie Mountain Bizarre Slope is its apparent gravitational irregularity. You’ll feel that going uphill in a vehicle takes less effort than going downhill.  

The coasts at Laotie Mountain Cape, Qianyang, and Chenjia Bay are filled with reefs, and suitable for angling. The beach is smooth and good for bathing. In legend, during the eastward expedition, Xue Li passed the Nantian Gate and tied his horse to a stone that still stands in this sea.

The boundary between the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea at Dalian, with its unique view and memorable experiences, awaits you.