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Prescription of tourism complaint

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-12-29

It's helpful for tourists to learn the provisions of complaint prescription so as to protect their own lawful rights and interests. It also helps to accept and handle the complaints in a timely manner. The Interim Provisions on Tourism Complaints has released the following prescriptions: 

1. Compliant prescription: the prescription for a tourist to make a complaint to the tourism complaint management organization is 60 days, commencing from the time when the complainant knows or should know his or her rights and interests are infringed. The prescription could be prolonged by the complaint management organization under special circumstances. 

2. Acceptance prescription: the complaint management organization should decide whether to accept the complaint within seven days, after receiving and investigating the oral or written complaint. The organization should give reasons for refusing to accept the complaint. 

3. Prescription to respond complaint: the complaint management organization should inform the defendant whether or not it accepts the complaint. The defendant should give a written reply within 30 days after being informed.