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Planning: Five Areas One Base

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-12-26

To make Lushunkou a rich, beautiful and green economic zone, the government has carried out a "Five Areas One Base" plan – an overall urbanization development layout to construct the following six projects in Lushunkou:

· Northwestward Lingang New City

· Ecological Livable City

· Tourism, Leisure and Vacation City

· Famous Historical and Cultural City

· Science and Technology Innovative City

· A city of flowers

Northwestward Lingang New City

By virtue of a rich collection of resources in coastal ports, a modern logistics and green harbor industry is planned to be developed in the northwest region of Lushunkou.

Focusing on the development of advanced shipbuilding, rail transit equipment, high-end equipment and other manufacturing industries, it will also develop port and shipping logistics amongst other modern service industries to establish the brand of "ecological harbor and green Lushun".

Present reliance on port resources and advantages of industrial clusters means Lushunkou has attracted enterprises in port construction, equipment manufacturing, logistics and food processing, creating the most dynamic green manufacturing base in the Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt.

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