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Why invest in Lushunkou

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-12-26

Natural Environment:

Lushunkou boasts an excellent ecological environment and charming natural scenery. It has the following titles: State-Level Scenic Spot, Nature Reserve, Ecological Demonstration Area, Forest Park, and Geological Park. Of this amazing land area, the Nature Reserve covers 145 square kilometers. On the long coastline of Lushun, there are mountains, wide and deep waters, good natural harbors, natural golf courses, skiing slopes, and spots teeming with fish. The distinct and magnificent dividing line between the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea stretches hundreds of miles. Sunshine, sand, sea, sports, spa; Lushun’s “5S” resources are exciting and fascinating.

Lushun's land area is covered in trees, with 53.1 percent of the area being forested, and with per capita public green land of 19.1 square meters, the highest in Liaoning province. Furthermore, the mountainous areas are also attractive. The world-famous Snake Island and Bird Island offer a marvelous view.

The beautiful natural environment and mild climate have made Lushun a natural oxygen bar and a seaside garden that is most suitable for people to live in.

Administrative Environment:

Lushunkou’s government has taken a positive work attitude regarding reform and innovation in promoting scientific development, eliminating the barriers in ideology, structure, and mechanism that constrain development. A series of concrete actions have been taken, including reforming the administrative approval system, promoting administrative transparency, simplifying administrative procedures, launching a comprehensive online examination and approval platform, building a green administrative channel for key projects, implementing an individual responsibility system for key projects, and providing investors with a “one-stop” quality and effective service. The ultimate goal for the government is to boost people's livelihood.