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Tourism complaints

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-12-26

A tourist could make an oral or written complaint to the tourism administration if his or her lawful rights and interests were violated by tourism operators or tourism-related service units.

How can tourists protect themselves through tourism complaints as their lawful right when their interests are infringed?

Generally speaking, tourists could negotiate with the travel agency if a tourism dispute has happened. They could then make a complaint to the tourism quality supervision department or consumers' association, or submit the dispute to people's court if the dispute fails to be resolved through negotiation. 

The consumers' associations or tourism quality supervision departments will not handle a case that been accepted by a court.

A tourist can make a complaint to the traveling destination's tourism quality supervision departments at once, if his or her lawful rights and interests were infringed during  travel due to the tourism service quality.  

If the tourist has already returned from the traveling destination, he or she could submit a complaint to the tourism quality supervision departments where the travel agency is located. 

Making a complaint is a preventive measure, but it also helps to improve the consumers' legal awareness and the tourism services' quality. 

A tourist could make a complaint if he or she deems any of the following infringement has happened:  

1.The tourism operator fails to fulfill the contract or agreement; 

2. The tourism operator did not provide services that comply with the price; 

3. The complainant’s luggage is damaged or lost due to the tourism operator’s intentional acts or negligence. 

4. Complainant has a personal injury from a tourism operator’s intentional act or negligence. 

5. The tourism operator defrauds the complainant and infringes the latter’s interests. 

6. The employee of the tourism operation unit asks for a kickback or tip without permission. 

7. Other acts that infringe the complainant’s interests. 

Dalian Tourism Quality Supervision Management Station 

Tel: +86-411-8376-9989

Lushun Price Complaint and Reporting Center

Tel: 12358/+86-411-8661-9225

Consumers Complaint and Reporting Center

Tel: 12315

Here are some useful tips for a safe and pleasant trip:

1. Travel agents that have been approved by the tourism administrative management departments are one of the main guarantees for a safe and pleasant trip. 

A formal travel agency should operate with an operation permit issued by the tourism administrative management department and a business license issued by the industry and commerce administrative management departments. Moreover, its business scope is and should be strictly checked and approved by the authorities. Overseas trips are a state franchising business and should be indicated on the business license to prove authenticity. 

2. Take coaches titled with "you(游)" to the scenic spots that open to the public. 

3. Learn to sign contracts to protect lawful rights and interests from infringement. The tourism contract is a kind of guarantee for tourists, since travelling commences only after payment. 

Tourists should sign a contract with the travel agent, which should indicate the number of scenic spots and guide service standards, as well the responsibilities and obligations of the travel agent. Both parties should fulfill their own promises in accordance with the contract during the trip. If there is any violation of contract, for example, the travel agency changes the hotel's star grade or lowers the dining standard, the tourist could record the violation and its consequence in order to complain to the tourism quality supervision management departments. 

On the other side, the tourist should inform the travel agency of any changes to the contract. In both cases, written agreement should be reached in relation to the changes between the two parties. 

4. Shopping cautiously. The price level in tourism areas is relatively higher than that in common shops. Commodities that are not so expensive but with distinctive characteristics are good choice in scenic spots. 

5. Please contact local public security or tourism administrative management departments if any safety issues happened during the trip.